Say hello tO Comidor v6.2

Say Hello to Comidor v6.2

Say Hello to Comidor v6.2 1200 661 Comidor Low-code Automation Platform

After having worked hard, we have added new features to Comidor platform and have made significant enhancements in order to accelerate low-code app development and process automation. Our goal is to empower business users to become even more productive and motivated and make their Comidor experience more intuitive and seamless than ever before.

For that reason, we are announcing the release of Comidor v6.2 which offers a better, unified user experience for everyone!

Here is what’s new in Comidor v6.2:

1. New User Interface of App Designer

Redesigned App Designer | Comidor

A new way to build and configure apps is here! Now the app builder has a new look and name, App Designer! The interface got a major update, bringing a revamped application overview, fewer steps, and more powerful functionalities. Bring your team together around your app development. Anyone can join the app development and collaborate in real time by writing comments. With the brand-new summary dashboard, get a quick, at-a-glance overview of the application’s basic information and activity. Choose the application type that fits better your needs from the following options:

  1. Table applications:
  2. Report applications
  3. Kanban applications

2. UX Enhancements in Workflow and Form Designer

This release includes exciting enhancements to the form designer. You can now design your form by inserting sections, paragraphs, groups, code elements, and your desired fields. Drag and drop the element you wish on the page. Include tabs in the forms to group form fields and guide the end-users to proper completion. Re-arrange them as you wish. Change the layout of the form by defining one or multiple columns. Finally, have overall control over your form appearance by changing fonts, colors, and labels to ensure consistency with your brand identity guidelines.

form designer | Comidor new version

The new platform version offers significant features that boost workflow automation and enhance design capabilities. New components like QR Generator, and SMS alert, as well as notable improvements in the existing components like Digital Signature, and Document Creator, are all part of the brand-new Comidor v6.2. What’s more, the UI and UX capabilities are more enhanced!

3. Advanced integration capabilities 

Comidor v6.2 comes with extended integration capabilities.

  • Comidor Advanced integration capabilitiesWith the new Google integration component, designers send API calls to Google Calendar to create tasks and to Google Drive to upload files to a specific folder.
  • By integrating Comidor with your Outlook account, it’s no longer hard to monitor all your invitations, meetings, and pending tasks in one single calendar.
  • Integrate Comidor with your Teams Calendar and check all your scheduled meetings and pending tasks from Comidor in MS Teams Calendar, or create a new event in MS Teams Calendar.
  • Easily incorporate Zoho Projects & Zoho Leads APIs with Comidor’s drag-n-drop functionality.
  • Create and update records in Salesforce, with the new Salesforce API workflow component.
  • Add the new Freshdesk API workflow component to integrate with Freshdesk ticketing system.

4. New Customizable Dashboard Features

We have made two Home Dashboard main enhancements that enable Comidor users to accelerate business collaboration and productivity. Add a text tile to display a specific text on your dashboard or use the quick add tile for sending messages and emails faster than ever before.


5. Leia, Comidor’s virtual agent, is empowered with more intelligence

Comidor virtual agent’s capabilities are strengthened even more in this new version. Leia frequently checks and alerts you to the tasks which are scheduled in the next 30 minutes. You receive a pop-up alert with the scheduled tasks in Leia’s chat. Leia’s reminder includes the title of the upcoming task and a link to open the task in full view. Awesome?

Leia reminder | Comidor


6. Low-code translation capabilities

We realize how much hard work is required to translate a platform. We want Comidor users to stay agile and have a wonderful experience with our platform. For that reason, we are introducing low-code translation capabilities in this new version. You can now translate any word you wish as you navigate the platform. The translation is saved in the Translations unit, so the next time your team members enter the platform, they see the translated words.

low-code translation capabilities | Comidor v6.2

Want to see these features in action? Explore Comidor v6.2 in depth. Try it today!

Comidor v6.2 Release Notes