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Comidor provides a fully interactive calendar, where you can monitor your tasks and orders (assigned tasks) on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Also, you can have a look on your group tasks and all organizations' non-private tasks. Comidor Calendar offers a workload overview for an individual or a team in terms of time enabling better scheduling.


Monitoring tasks

The calendar has three distinctive views: 

  • All tasks: View all tasks and orders no matter their state
  • Only pending: View only the pending tasks/orders
  • Grid View: View your tasks for a specific date in a task grid

A user using Comidor Calendar can:

  • Add task: Add a new task for you or an order for someone else
  • Edit task: Change the content/details of a task/order
  • Move task: Drag & drop a task to your desired day. Keep in mind that the orders can be dragged and dropped only by the assignor, not the assignee.

The Categories of tasks/orders that you can manage are Work, Appointment, Meeting, Event, Phone, Reminder, Travel and Private task. Each of the above tasks is displayed at the Calendar with its own icon, which changes color based on the state of the task (scheduled, running, paused, completed, or canceled).


Creating a Task


User creates a new Task simply by clicking on the date that wants the task to be scheduled. Then, he or she can fill all the appropriate information, such as the task type and duration, to whom the task is assigned and to link it with other important objects.

This user that has created the task has the right to change all this information and people who are assigned to perform it can now see it in their Calendar, monitor it and in the actual times and duration.


Example Scenario:

A business consultant has to organize a conference for New Business Trends the next month. However he has already scheduled tasks that should be completed. Through Comidor Calendar, he can view not only his workload but also the nature of his work. He can set priorities, dragging and dropping his tasks and assign some of his task to others. Also, to check whether someone else has assigned something to him, and manage his time properly to achieve his professional goals and keep the balance between personal and work life.

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