Accounting System - Income, Expenses, Budgeting and Forecasting


Comidor offers three units dedicated to finance management: Income, Expenses and Budgeting offering the appropriate tools to organize all business accounting data and extract useful reports and charts. All Income, Expenses and Budgeting entries can be linked with Projects, Schedules, Accounts and more in order a full overview at each case to be easily extracted.



  • Income:

In the Income unit you can record all the income of your company. Create a new income record simply by clicking the “New” button (+).


The “Income” form appears. Add a short description, the date of the transaction and select its category (Accounting code). Fill in the Income field with the net amount and continue relating the record with an account, project, schedule, opportunity, contract or event.


Finally, you can click the “Review” button and get a graphic chart for the Income in yearly and monthly basis.

Apart from the Review chart, user can create also reports per category and per month for the current year, clicking on the appropriate button.



  • Expenses:

In the same way with the Income unit, the user can create an expense entry, relate it with an account, project etc. and of course create a review diagram. In this unit, user can also create reports with the same filters with the Income unit.

  • Budgeting and Forecasting

In this unit the user can make predictions of financial transactions, in monthly, yearly or any other period in order to make reports. The process of creating a Budgeting entry is the same with the Income and Expense creation. In this unit, two more diagrams are available, the Balance and Cashflow charts. The Balance graph chart compares the Income and Expenses in yearly and monthly basis, whereas the Cashflow graph chart compares the Cash In and Cash out in yearly and monthly basis.


Two reports are available for the Budgeting and Forecasting unit, the Budgeting Report and the Cash flow Report.


The Budgeting report creates Budget Expenses and Income per month reports, whereas the Cash flow Report creates an overview of the Cash flow per month data.


Example Scenario:

A Project for a new Software release has been created and the Project Manager wants to estimate its cost. They create Budgeting entries for all the financial transactions they can predict and during the process of the Project, every Income and Expense entries are saved and monitored from the related Charts in order to check whether they are in or out the estimated budget.

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Semina Efstathaki

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