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Notification Services

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Notification Services can be triggered according to specific conditions that users define.
A notification can be linked with Processes in order for selected recipients to be notified upon any change applied. In this case, pre-selected users receive a System Notification in the Notifications Bar. Comidor also offers the option to send Email and/or SMS Notifications apart from the System Notifications.

Create a Notification Service

In order to access Notification Services:

  1. Go to App Factory Icon > Application Builder > Notification Services.
  2. Click on the “+” icon to open the creation form.
  3. Fill in the Title for the Notification Service.
  4. Notification Message can be built with free text. Apart from free text, you can also add critical information such as process description or event quantity, by using their database names between the percentage symbol % (e.g. %PROCESS_DESC% will display the Title of the Process in the notification message).
  5. Select the processes that this Notification Service will be applied to.
    • Choose the Process Type from the list of Process Types (General, Opportunity, Project, Campaign, Survey, Topic, Event, Ticket, Vacation, Issue, Work Package, Job Posting, Training, or Application).
    • Process Business Function includes the whole Corporate Process Map (Category) and can be used in order to apply a Notification Service to the Processes specified in the previous two steps based on their Category.
    • Select Minimum Importance (Normal, High, Top) and/or Minimum Priority (Low, Normal, High, Top).
      Notification Services | Comidor Platform
  6. Select Condition among:
    • Event’s Beginning Time or Time Completion.
      • The number of Days/Hours/Minutes BEFORE Start/Finish or Scheduled Start/Finish.

condition | Comidor Platformcondition | Comidor Platform

    • The number of Days/Hours/Minutes AFTER Start/Finish or Scheduled Start/Finish.
    • When process completion (%) is Less than/Less than or equals/Equals/Greater than or equals/Greater than a percentage (%) .Notification Services | Comidor Platform
    • When a specific Database/Custom Field of the Process is changed (i.e. When state field changes).condition audit | Comidor Platformcondition audit Notification Services | Comidor Platform
    • Select a notification to be sent dynamically on specific dates. Provide the title of the Date Fields and separate them with commas.

7. In the Recipients tabs, select whether you wish to Notify Creator, Admin, Admin2Supervisor, Assigned Users (people added in the “Assigned to” field) and/or Notify users (people added in the “Send Notification to” field) that have the rights to view this Process of this specific Category.

8. Choose whether you wish the users selected above to be also notified by Email and/or SMS.

Email reminders will be sent provided that you have connected your email account in Comidor.

SMS reminders will arrive in case the recipient user has set a Mobile phone in his Personal Profile (e.g. +44123456789).

Associate a Notification Service with specific Processes, Projects and other Comidor Units

For Notification Services which need to be associated with a SPECIFIC Process/Project/etc., you may enter the Notification Service and under the Process Links section you can Add the already created Process/Project/etc. from the list.

To Remove an already added Process Link, just press the Remove button (see picture below).

Notification Services | Comidor Platform


Edit and Manage a Notification Service

In order to access Notification Services, go to:

  1. App Factory Icon > Application Builder > Notification Services.
  2. Select the Notification Service you wish to edit or manage from the list.
  3. Click on the pencil button to Edit the entity. Made any modification and then click on Save. Click on Cancel should you need to cancel editing the procedure. Notification Services | Comidor Platform
  4. Click on the Actions button and select Delete to proceed with the deletion Scenario. A confirmation message will appear.
  5. Click on Tags tab on the sidebar to add a new Tag on this Notification Scenario which may be private, group, internal or public. From this point, you can also manage old tags that you have added on that Template.

Putting Tags in Notification Scenarios may help you in grouping them, filtering and finally finding them easier.

Managing Notification Services

In order to access Notification Services, go to:

  1. App Factory Icon > Application Builder > Notification Services.
  2. Select the Notification Service(s) you wish to Delete from the list.

Notification Services | Comidor PlatformNavigate through Notification Services after you have filtered and/or sorted and/or grouped them by the way you wish. Check Data Management options for more information.