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Why is Business Process Automation Important for your Business Growth?

Why is Business Process Automation Important for your Business Growth? 789 526 Comidor Low-code Automation Platform

It’s a fact that the business world has left no way in which businesses are not leveraging the exceptional benefits of the latest technological advancements. Among all the latest technologies, business owners are quite impressed with the benefits and implementation of business process automation in enhancing the growth of their businesses. In fact, it is one of the fastest-growing and widely accepted technologies all over the world and it is not stopping anytime soon. To validate, the global market size for Business Process Automation is expected to reach USD 37.3 Billion by 2032. But first, before we move ahead, it is essential to get on the same page with the definition of business process automation and business process automation tools

Business Process Automation Definition

To define, business process automation is referred to as the automation of repetitive processes or breakdown of complex tasks of businesses to provide ease of operations. This process will take care of the tasks that can also be performed without human intervention as well to enhance the overall efficiency of the business operations. The term “automation” is derived from the Latin “automate” which means “to run on its own power”. It can be used to refer to a process or machine performing a sequence of actions automatically without any direct human involvement. It can also refer to the act of designing and constructing an automatic device or program.

Now that we have clarity on the definition of business process automation, we need to see what other businesses see in the process of business automation.  The major reason why businesses use business process automation tools is the higher efficiency which offers a great competitive advantage in the highly competitive market.  

If so many businesses are running in the race of being the most efficient version of themselves, if you are not using BPA tools, you might lag behind. Hence, this article will delve into the benefits and reasons why business automation is crucial more than ever. But before we get into that, it’s important to recognize the importance of business process automation.

Importance of Business Process Automation

1. It Leads to Higher Productivity

Being highly productive is the only mantra that every business follows to excel in the business world. Besides, it is no hidden fact that redundant tasks are one of the biggest productivity and time killers of employees. In fact, employees spend 4 hours and 38 minutes on duplicate tasks. Enhanced productivity is the foremost reason why businesses need BPA tools.  

To elucidate, when businesses automate their repetitive and mundane tasks, it frees the employees from performing those tasks manually. This will save them time because that task could easily be accomplished even without human involvement as well. Further, this saved time can be invested by employees into other tasks that hold more significance.  

Moreover, the employees also get frustrated when they have to perform repetitive tasks. This lower their willingness and energy to perform the rest of the tasks in a day. This way, freeing employees from the tasks that drain their energy and willpower will make them more focused and energetic in performing tasks that actually matter. Similarly, it will also enhance the employee engagement rate of the company. Hence, this way, businesses will be able to be more productive in terms of performing tasks which will enhance the overall efficiency of businesses.  

2. BPA Lowers Operational Costs

The only foolproof way to be the most profitable business is to keep your operational costs low. However, this does not in any way imply that you should compromise your quality in order to achieve more profits. This means you have to ensure that you reduce operational costs and still give the best quality service to your customers in order to earn greater profits.  

In such situations as well, business process automation can assist you effectively. Think of it this way, when you automate business processes, you won’t have to pay your labor to perform those tasks manually. Eventually, by applying BPA, you will be able to lower the additional costs of labor that you were investing in the tasks that could have been done without human intervention as well.  

Moreover, BPA also ensures that there are minimal or almost no errors in performing those tasks. This implies that there will be no possible wastage of resources that might end up costing more to the business owners. Once the errors are minimal, this will eventually lead to lowering the overall operational costs. Besides, we all know the lower the operational costs, the more the business will earn profits.

3. It Enhances Traceability

When it comes to improving business processes, it requires constant supervision. This highlights another benefit that business process automation brings along. As the whole process is automated, all the information and process will be recorded. 

To continue, this will lead to enhancing the traceability of the whole business process that has been automated. This way, companies will be able to identify at every stage whether they are the most efficient version of themselves or not. If not, they will effectively be able to identify the factors through the recorded data.   

Furthermore, if anything goes wrong in the business automation poems, businesses will easily be able to trace and eliminate the factors that are pulling them down. This will contribute to enhancing their overall efficiency and giving full accessibility to companies to successfully track every step of the automated process. 

Moving ahead, there are multiple business process automation tools that are available in the market that can significantly assist businesses in easily implementing BPA in their business. So, to assist you with the same, the next following sections will shed light on what exactly are business automation tools and their benefits in the contemporary business world. 

Business Process Automation Tools

Every business requires different types of automation and along similar lines, there are different tools that can successfully automate the business process of the corresponding business aspect. Business process automation tools are the software that allows organizations to automate their business processes. They are designed to reduce the time and cost of repetitive tasks, freeing up employees for more important tasks. Examples of these tasks are the hiring process, document management, and invoicing. In general, business process automation tools can be used in various ways to help businesses cut costs and drive growth. Some of them can be used for marketing purposes, and CRM automation, such as generating leads and nurturing them into customers, or HR automation like employee onboarding. Others can be used for customer support and feedback management.

Furthermore, now that we have gained a good knowledge of what exactly business process automation tools are, it’s time to understand the benefits these tools will bring along. Hence, the below-mentioned are the top benefits of business automation tools.  

Benefits of Business Process Automation Tools 

1. BPA Tools Streamline data

As the business grows, it gets difficult to handle so much data at once. In these situations, the need is to effectively streamline all the data in one single place and business automation tools can effectively assist you with the same. Business automation tools can store all your data through which you can easily trace all the information regarding the phases your product or service went through.  

 Along with this, these tools offer high security which will ensure that your business does not face any compliance issues of data breaches. Keeping all your data in one place with high security will make your business more stable and secure in the long run.  

  2. Reliable insights

Today’s business world runs on insights. Besides, it is no hidden fact that driving insights manually is not a piece of cake. However, using business automation tools can assist you in eliminating this issue.

To elaborate, these tools will automatically generate valuable insights that can assist your business in analyzing its strong or weak points and decision-making. Based on these analyses, you can identify the core competencies that can give you a competitive advantage over others.  

3.  24*7 availability

One of the biggest advantages of machines is that they never get tired. They are going to be available for you anytime you want them. Similarly, if you implement these business automation tools in various operating systems, they would keep the work going even in your absence and even at night.

This will ensure that your processes are operating with their utmost efficiency and this will eventually generate more profits.  

Get the Most out of Comidor Process Automation Capabilities

Not long ago, business processes were being designed and followed in the company handbook’s manuals. A new colleague was required to go through the business processes manual and required to learn as much information to make the company operations work.

Thanks to information technology, now we don’t have to go to the bookshelves and read the full manuals, as it’s all right there in front of the computer screen. A further evolution happened with the internet. Information technology expanded to the next geographical level with the help of the internet. We started to share the business processes of the company from location A to location B. But if the things were offline in the document state, were we really efficient enough?

Then comes the new era of “Cloud Technology”, where all the data is on the cloud rather than on the individual’s desktops. Cloud platforms centralize the data by backing it up and helping connect the same data from any location with the help of IT. Information technology expanded with the internet and further expanded with cloud technology.

To increase the efficiency of the companies, we at Comidor combined all three technologies in developing a business process management platform, which is based on information technology, the internet, and cloud technology. It centralizes business processes to one access point. So that all the colleagues of the company can access the same business processes at the same time, throughout, whether a colleague is located in New York, Greece or Mumbai. We have the access to the same business process to increase the efficiency and productivity of the company.

To sum up

To encapsulate, in the contemporary world, business automation is more like a need rather than an additional helping hand. The competition among businesses is rising and it is rising at a rampant pace. Hence, businesses need to identify the right Business Process Automation tools, follow the right approach and process automation rules, and need to implement them in their operational processes to enhance their overall efficiency. Eventually, this enhanced efficiency will altogether lead to more profit and growth for the businesses.

The article is written by Jessica Robinson and Comidor team. 
Jessica Robinson loves to write interesting and knowledgeable blogs regarding business management, education, and life to satiate the curiosity of her lovely readers. Currently, she is serving as a content manager at the ‘Speaking Polymath’. Every piece of content that she writes demonstrates her immense love and passion for her profession.