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Business processes are the strategic business decisions to reach from milestone one to another. With help of information technology, we can get the best use of business processes. Not long ago, business processes were being designed and followed on the company handbook’s manuals. A new colleague was required to go through the business processes manual and required to learn as much information to make the company operations work.

Thanks to “information technology” with help of IT, now we don’t have to go to the bookshelves and read the full manuals, as it’s all right there in front of the computer screen (provided if the company is using the computers efficiently). A further evolution happened with internet. The information technology expanded to next geographical levels with the help of internet. We started to share business processes of the company from location A to location B. But if the things were offline in the document state, were we really efficient enough?

Then comes the new era of “Cloud Technology”. A cloud, where all the data is on the cloud rather than on the individual’s desktops. Cloud centralised the data by backing it up and helping connect the same data from any location with the help of IT. Information technology expanded with internet and further expanded with cloud technology.

To increase the efficiency of the companies, we at Comidor combined all the three technologies in developing business process management platform – Comidor Enterprise Automation tool. Which is based on information technology, internet and cloud technology. It centralises business processes to one access point. So that all the colleagues of the company can access same business process at the same time, throughout, whether a colleague is located in New York, Greece or Mumbai. We have the access to the same business process to increase the efficiency and productivity of the company.

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