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The first user that registers in Comidor is the System Administrator (Admin). The Admin is responsible for managing Comidor users, creating, editing, de-activating a user and much more. The User Services unit gives the ability to administrators to hide packages and units to specified users. Imagine you want to let some user users of your company interact with your financial package. With Comidor you are able to do it by opening the financial package to these users, but restricting their access to most of the financial screens. The Payment unit displays a table with all the transactions that the current account has made with Comidor, along with the Renew button.


  • Users: Click on the Admin button of the side menu bar and select the Users unit. Create a new User simply by clicking the “New” button (+).                                                   


Fill in the User Details writing the Title, First/Last name, username, password and check the System Administrator, Data Manager or Guest boxes, if the user you would like to create needs to have access to the admin menu (System Administrator/Data Manager) or have limited access in Comidor’s data (guest). In the Write Access list the protected value is by default selected. Selecting the public value, everything that the current user creates (contacts, tasks etc.) will have public rights and can be accessed even from the guest users. The Access rights field is related with the User Services group and is used in order to add the new user to a group that has specified access to some units or packages. With the Locale field the admin can set the language of the Comidor environment and with the Valid from and to options, the admin can permit the new user to log in Comidor for a certain time period.


  • User Services: Click on the Admin button of the side menu bar and select the User Services unit. The Available Services and Available Applications tables are displayed. The Admin user can permit packages (PM, CRM, ERP, BPM, BI and Basic) to each user from the Available Services table and create specific access groups from the Available Applications table. Clicking on the Create new button of the Available Applications unit a new group is created, which can be used to remove access to specified units of all packages.


  • Payments: on the Admin button of the side menu bar and select the Payment unit. A table is displayed with the payment transactions of the current account. Clicking on the Renew button the Payment pop up is displayed in order the user to renew its Comidor subscription.


 Example Scenario:

A new Comidor account has been created and the System Administrator logs in Comidor for the first time. They open the Users menu in order to add their colleagues. After their creation, they use the User Services pop up in order to permit or restrict access to specific Comidor packages. After a month, when the Comidor subscription is about to expire, the admin user clicks on the Payments unit to renew it.

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