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As a Resource, we mainly consider people (employees, contractors), but also anything else that can help the project’s completion with a cost (assets, vehicles, services, hired products etc.). “Resources” is a valuable Comidor unit since it enhances Projects with costing analysis. Also, the Resources Utilization Board can reveal bottlenecks, duty overloading and unexploited resources.


The Resources are created either manually (press the + button) or automatically by the system (each Personnel is automatically created also as a Resource).


Once the Project Managers have designed the Team Schedules, they can assign resources to each of them and even perform a workload distribution split.     

project-management-resources-assign project-management-resources-workload

  As mentioned above, the Resource can be even an asset or a vehicle.

project-management-resources-form project-management-resources-cost

 Using the “Resources Utilization”, the Team Leader can review the availability and the overloading of his resources.

Example Scenario:

Comidor Resources can be used by a Team Leader when he needs to prepare weekly plans with tasks, when he wants to equally distribute workload and also when he needs to provide an employee evaluation report to the HR department.

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