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Comidor gives you the opportunity to check the productivity of your business. Set up your corporate, team or personal objectives and monitor their completion course. Indicators can be split into targets, which divide the indicator’s period into smaller time windows, allowing a higher degree of control and flexibility. You may define lower, optimal and higher goals and assign them to rewards (measured in “Comidors”) and bonuses.


Creating a KPI

From the main menu select Managment and then KPIs. In order to create a new KPI user must click on the plus button. A new window appears in which user have to fill in information like the KPI’s title, the strategic objective, the perspective, the type etc. Moreover, user must set its targets which are related with the gained “Comidors”. Be careful with the direction and the completion method as they play a major role in your KPI.

Creating a KPI

Managing KPIs unit

Back to KPIs main menu user can use searching tools, filters, folder categorization and click on action button to export or print the KPIs pages. Moreover, the user can click on one or more records in order to delete them.

KPIs options

Navigating in a KPI

After entering a KPI user can do multiple actions like:

1. Have a clear look at the summary, the chart and the Audits.

2. Click on the action button to delete, print and view a report,

3. or the pencil icon to edit the KPI.

Navigating inside a KPI

4. Edit the KPI outcomes and targets from Target unit and add tags to the KPI.

Editing the targets

Example Scenario:

You may use Comidor to monitor your sales rates. Creating an indicator for 2017 for example, with per month partitioning, stepped completion method, user group type and higher is better direction, you can easily check the sales rates every month and act accordingly.