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Comidor Opportunities allow the in-depth monitoring of potential deals. Opportunities are coming as a second level in the Comidor CRM process: Lead > Opportunity > Contract. What else is more important than the ability to track your potential deals, check how the tender goes and see how many opportunities each employee or your company has turned into a closed deal or has failed?


Creating and Editing an Opportunity

To create an Opportunity simply click on “Customer Relations” module, select “Opportunities” and press the “+” button.


The Opportunity has specific stages from “Approach” up to “Closed Sale” (or “Failed”), has “Target Turnover”, can be linked with various Comidor elements (Contacts, Products, Accounts, Files etc.) and there is a full “Activity History” recorded. Moreover, you can link your proposal documents to it and even state the opportunities you lost due to Competition.


To be more specific, users can manage their Opportunity by:

1. Editing the Opportunity by clicking on the "pencil" button

2. Checking Notes, Activity History, Questionnaire's answers of the potential customer, managing notifications, tasks, tags and links

3. Recording the competitors proposals


Opportunities reporting tools

Plenty of Opportunities reporting tools and graphs are available: Predefined filters, Custom filters, Categories, Google Map graph.


Also, from the 3-bar button user has access to more tools such as Pipeline chart, Sales Funnel, Comparison-per-Salesman graph, widgets and even report builder.

check The Pipeline Chart


check The Sales Funnel


check The Opportunities Comparison per year and/or per employee


check The Opportunities Market Share


check The Reports per Account/per User in a Content View or Graph View



Example Scenario:

Comidor Opportunities could be used as follows:

a) you send a Season Discount Campaign to your Leads and some of them reply,

b) the Leads that replied can now be created as Opportunities (Opp stage: Approach)

c) you send them personalized e-mails with a document attachment: “Offer.pdf” (Opp stage: Proposal)

d) (you upload the “Offer.pdf” to Comidor Documents and link it to the Opportunity)

e) some of them negotiate the offer (Opp stage: Probable Sale), some decline it (Opp stage: Failed)

f) you send a third e-mail (possibly also set-up a visit or a call) and complete negotiations (Opp stage: Approval/Agreement)

g) more discussions might occur and in the end you receive a signed document back (Opp stage: Closed Sale)

h) you upload the signed document to Comidor Documents, create a Comidor Contract and link there the signed document!


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